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About the Auxiliary Program

Being an OPP Auxiliary Member is exciting and challenging.

Working in a highly structured environment, Auxiliary Members are expected to maintain the high standards of the O.P.P., sometimes working under very difficult situations. Please consider all aspects of the Program before you decide to become an Auxiliary Member.


Auxiliary Members, as part of their duties, may assist regular OPP Officers with the following:

  • Community policing initiatives and projects,
  • Regular patrol,
  • Crime and disaster scenes,
  • Large gatherings or parades for crowd and traffic control, and
  • Traffic accidents.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Be at least 18 years of age,
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada with a valid drivers license,
  • Have completed the Ontario Secondary School Diploma program or equivalent,
  • Have completed CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Be a good moral character, and mentally and physically able to perform the duties of the Auxiliary position.
  • Standard First Aid and Basic Rescuer (level C) CPR

Be a Volunteer

  • Be able to commit the time and effort required of the program - a minimum 10 hours per month on patrol with a regular force officer and six hours in-service training.
  • Work with the community and the OPP in identifying and resolving problems.
  • Perform many duties outdoors, often in unfavorable weather conditions.

Prospective members are required to complete a series of tests which include general aptitude and psychological assessment. If successful, a 60-hour recruit orientation course follows. Topics include powers of arrest, OPP policy and procedures, radio training , note-taking, self-defense, traffic control and firearms training.


  • An Auxiliary member is provided with an opportunity to work with the community to ensure everyone's pursuit of legal activities in a safe environment.
  • An Auxiliary member develops a better understanding of the police function, and an esprit-de-corps with regular and fellow members.
  • The OPP provides uniform and equipment for all phases of the Auxiliary Program.
  • While on duty, an Auxiliary member is covered by WSIB, The OPP's Employee Assistance Program, legal assistance and an accidental death insurance policy.
  • The Auxiliary Program provides a possible avenue for future employment with the OPP
  • Ontario's communities benefit from Auxiliary units located across the Province.